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Allen 1061 Reaper X Tactical Gun Case 1200 Endura Proveil ReaperBlack
The Reaper X Tactical Gun Case by Allen has a 1200D Endura fabric shell, four magazine pockets, and one large accessory pocket. There is also an accented accessory pouch for extra gear.Type:  Tactical Rifle CaseColor:  Proveil ReaperBlackMaterial:  1200 EnduraGuns Held:  1..
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Allen 1063 Assault Rifle Case 32
This pocket rifle case has 3/4" foam padding with snap closures on the handle and heavy duty web trim. It features exterior pockets to conveniently store magazines and other range necessities.Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  BlackDimensions:  32"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  N..
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Allen 1064 Assault Rifle Case 37
37" endura assault rifle case. 5 pockets. 7/8" foam padding. #5 zipper. Built in sling.Type:  Assault Rifle CaseColor:  BlackDimensions:  37"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
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Allen 10652 Assault Rifle Case 42
Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  BlackDimensions:  42"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 1068 Universal Assault Rifle Case 42
42" universal camo assault rifle case with removeable ammo pouch and built in sling.Type:  Assault Rifle CaseColor:  CamoDimensions:  42"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
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Allen 1072 Pro Series Tactical Gun Case 36
The pro series tactical cases come in 46" and 36" in size and in tan, universal camo, black in color. They have 4 large external pockets, detachable carry sling with pad, a secondary snap closure, 1 internal pocket, numerous outside web loops, and shoulder straps.Type:  Gun CaseColor:  BlackDimensio..
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Allen 1076 Pro Series Tactical Gun Case 46
Type:  Gun CaseColor:  BlackDimensions:  46"Material:  900D PolyesterPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
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Allen 131 Gun Sock 52
This gun sock is made from a silicone treated knit fabric and will not hold moisture. It fits most guns with or without scopes and has a drawstring closure.Type:  Gun SockColor:  GrayDimensions:  52"Material:  KnitFinish:  TexturedPressurized:  NoLockable:  NoCrushproof:  NoGuns Held:  1Floatable:  ..
Allen 133 Gun Sock 52
Type:  Gun SockColor:  CamoDimensions:  52"Material:  KnitFinish:  TexturedPressurized:  NoLockable:  NoCrushproof:  NoGuns Held:  1Floatable:  No..
Allen 18610 Shotgun Case w/Remington Logo Textured Endura Green
The Remington name plate case comes with 7/8" foam padding and sturdy web handles.Type:  Shotgun CaseColor:  GreenDimensions:  52"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
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Allen 18611 Rifle Case w/Remington Logo Textured Endura Green
Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  GreenDimensions:  46"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Availability:Out Of Stock
Allen 18966 Premier Shotgun Case 52
Rifle and shotgun case features embroidered Remington Logo and built in sling. Endura material and 3" foam padding.Type:  Shotgun CaseColor:  Green/BlackDimensions:  52"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Availability:In Stock
Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  Green/BlackDimensions:  46"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 26946 *Promo* Durango Scoped Rifle Case Smooth Endura
Fits scoped or unscoped rifles or shotguns having an overall length of 46" or less. Padded fabric with full length zipper.Type:  Scoped Rifle CaseColor:  BlueDimensions:  46"Material:  EnduraFinish:  SmoothCrushproof:  NoGuns Held:  1 Rifle..
Allen 27140 Standard Rifle Case 40
Allen standard rifle cases have endura outer lining, 1.25" thick foam, #8 zipper and a spacious accessories compartment.Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  BlackDimensions:  40"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 27146 Standard Rifle Case 46
Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  BlackDimensions:  46"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 27411 Handgun Case 11
Constructed of 1200 Endura. 3/4" foam padding. #5 zipper. Embroidered Ruger Logo.Type:  Handgun CaseColor:  TanDimensions:  11"Material:  1200 EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 27413 Handgun Case 13
Type:  Handgun CaseColor:  TanDimensions:  13"Material:  1200 EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Availability:Out Of Stock
Allen 27415 Handgun Case 15
Type:  Handgun CaseColor:  TanDimensions:  15"Material:  1200 EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
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Allen 27418 Attache Handgun Case 15
Type:  Handgun CaseColor:  TanDimensions:  15"Material:  1200 EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Availability:In Stock
Allen 27540 Ruger 10/22 Rifle Case Endura Textured
Made with a rugged black endura shell trimmed in red, snag proof synthetic lining and 7/8" foam padding, this rifle case features red heavy web handles and a red embroidered "Ruger 10/22" logo.Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  BlackDimensions:  40"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  ..
Allen 35648 Shotgun Case 48
Special purpose cases. Green endura shell with muzzle guard, light brown heavy web handles, 7/8" foam padding.Type:  Shotgun CaseColor:  GreenDimensions:  48"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 35652 Shotgun Case 52
Type:  Shotgun CaseColor:  GreenDimensions:  52"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Availability:Out Of Stock
Allen 35654 Shotgun Case 54
This Shotgun case is an all purpose shotgun case with a green Endura Shell with tan trim. It is available in the sometime hard to find 54" size and also features 7/8" foam, and a #5 zipper.Type:  Shotgun CaseColor:  Green/TanDimensions:  54"Material:  EnduraFinish:  SmoothAirline Approved:  NoPressu..
Availability:Out Of Stock
Allen 35746 Rifle Case 46
Type:  Scoped Rifle CaseColor:  GreenDimensions:  46"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 39652 Camo Shotgun Case Endura Realtree Xtra
Type:  Shotgun CaseColor:  Realtree XtraDimensions:  52"Material:  EnduraPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  NoGuns Held:  1 Rifle..
Allen 39746 Camo Rifle Case Endura Textured
Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  Mossy Oak Break-UpDimensions:  46"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 39852 Camo Shotgun Case Endura Textured
The RX Gun Case by Allen is made in the USA with Realtree Xtra camo finish. It is constructed from a rugged Endura fabric with dense foam padding, and a self healing zippe.Type:  Shotgun CaseColor:  Realtree XtraDimensions:  52"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
Allen 39946 Camo Rifle Case Endura Textured
Type:  Rifle CaseColor:  Realtree APDimensions:  46"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  NoGuns Held:  1 Rifle..
Allen 44252 Camo Shotgun Case Endura Textured
The Camo Gun Case by Allen is made with rugged endura fabric and dense foam padding. Also features a self healing zipper.Type:  Shotgun CaseColor:  CamoDimensions:  52"Material:  EnduraFinish:  TexturedPadding:  FoamCrushproof:  No..
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