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Flambeau 5935FD Foam Dove Decoy
High flying doves will pass in close when they spot these lifelike decoys. Each is designed to grip branches for strategic placement. 11 inches high with a ship weight of 4 pounds.Type:  Dove DecoySpecies:  DoveMotor:  NoneQuantity:  6 PackColor:  GreyMaterial:  Foam..
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Flambeau 5958JK Master Turkey Decoy
Masters Series Turkey decoys are the most realistic and innovative decoys available. Head designs yield a tough rubber head painted to exactly replicate hen and jake turkeys. These heads are mounted to a double thick foam body which yields a durable yet easily packable decoy. Each decoy is shipped w..
Flambeau 5959FT Jakester Turkey Decoy
Because it has a realistic jake fantail in full strut printed on both sides of the poly vinyl body, toms will circle it looking for the head. Which means you''re guaranteed a shot, no matter where you set up. The fan folds down for storage in a vest pocket, and the rugged t-stake makes set up quick ..
Foxpro  FoxJack Decoy
Jack Predator decoys are proud to preset the FoxJack electronic decoy. Now you can turn your current Foxpro digital game call into an all-inclusive and portable predator calling machine. Simply replace your existing battery door with the FoxJack, connect the battery and 3.5mm mono patch cable from t..
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Foxpro BJ1 Black Jack Decoy
Foxpro''s Black Jack Predator Decoy offers unrivaled action that has never been offered at such an affordable price, with the same quality you expect from Foxpro. The Black Jack comes standard with Foxpro''s Jack Topper which can be interchanged with different toppers. The Black Jack allows for rem..
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Foxpro FoxJack Decoy
Type:  DecoySpecies:  All PredatorsMotor:  NoneQuantity:  1Color:  Multi-ColorMaterial:  SyntheticBattery:  AA (4)Weight:  3oz..
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Foxpro JAD1 Jack Attack Decoy
The Jack Attack Decoy by Foxpro comes standard with a remote control and two toppers (a bird topper that resembles a woodpecker and a jack topper that resembles a rabbit or rodent). The Jack Attack simulates two distressed animals to entice predators in close enough to make a shot. The remote contro..
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Hunters Specialties Mounting KitType:  Decoy StakeSpecies:  Wild TurkeyQuantity:  1 Kit..
Hunters Specialties 07600 Suzie Snood Turkey Decoy w/ Dual Position Stake
The Snoods will bring love-struck gobblers running in for a look. The lightweight Jake and Suzie Snood decoys are incredibly lifelike with highly realistic head and feather detail. They are painted with specially formulated no-flake paint for lasting durability season after season. The built-in air ..
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Hunters Specialties 07601 Jake Snood Turkey Decoy
Type:  Turkey DecoySpecies:  Wild TurkeyMotor:  NoneQuantity:  1Color:  NaturalMaterial:  Synthetic..
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Mojo HW2011 Multi-Cycle Remote Control  Rechargeable
This Multi-Cycle Remote Control''s varying cycles of automatic on/off operation, provides a lifelike simulation of multiple ducks landing one after another. The timing of the wing''s flapping can be adjusted to 5 different settings. It operates on 6 Volt rechargeable battery that powers the decoy an..
Mojo HW2107  Mallard Drake Decoy 6V Rechargeable Battery 4ft Support Pole
The Mojo Mallard features magnetically connected PVC wings which turn faster, are quieter and give longer battery life. The support pole is a quieter, more user friendly version to produce the quietest, most effective user friendly SWD on the market. Includes 4ft support pole, 6 volt battery, charge..
Mojo HW2108  Mallard Hen Decoy 6V Rechargeable Battery 4ft Support Pole
This MOJO Mallard Hen features magnetically connected PVC wings which turn faster, are quieter and give longer battery life. The support pole is a quieter, more user friendly version for the best SWD on the market. Includes 4 ft. support pole, 6-volt battery, charger, and charging adapter.Type:  Mal..
Mojo HW2300 Voodoo Dove Decoy w/Support Pole 4 AA Batteries
The Voodoo Dove decoy was redesigned by Mojo to feature a larger, more realistic body in the correct landing position. The wings are connected magnetically, so there are no thumb screws, and this decoy operates for up to 16 hours on four AA batteries (not included). This Voodoo Dove is attractive an..
A MOJO realistic wood duck species spinning wing decoy for the wood duck hunter. Featuring a realistic looking wood duck drake body, and using the patented MOJO Mounting Peg and complete with 3-piece support pole, the Screamin Woody can run up to 16 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included) No worryin..
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The MOJO Critter proved to be the most effective and the most popular predator decoy EVER, and revolutionized the use of decoys in predator hunting. Now, MOJO introduces the Super Critter using the same tantalizing motion but in a more advanced decoy. Includes magnetically connected Critter topper, ..
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Mojo HW2402 Crow Decoy 6 AA Batteries
The Mojo Crow decoy uses the dual shaft, direct drive motor system, but now with more effective / user friendly features such as a built in 1 1/2 seconds on and 1 1/2 seconds off cycler and magnetic wings. The built in cycle with the on / off feature mimics a crow fighting or poaching on other inj..
Mojo HW2410 Pigeon Decoy 4AA Motion Grey
The Mojo Pigeon is a realistic simulation of a landing Wood Pigeon that features a realistic body with the standard Mojo Mounting Peg and direct drive motor with magnetically connected wings. It operates up to 16 hours on 4-AA batteries (not included) and comes equipped with a new heavy-duty on/off ..
Mojo HW2436 Decoy Mallard Decoy
The Booty Shaker is an ingenious accessory created by the MOJO Crew to convert the MOJO Mallard (Magnetic Wings only) to make ripples on the water and splashing noises just like live ducks do. It includes a counter-weighted collar to fit over the hub of one of the magnetic wings plus a Booty Shaker ..
Mojo HW2443 Rippler Decoy Mallard Decoy
The Mojo Rippler will make ripples and waves throughout your spread, giving motion to otherwise dead decoys. It features a realistic mallard drake body and operates up to 6-8 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included). This decoy is designed to meet the rigors of duck hunting. All moving parts and batte..
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Mojo''s Flock A Flicker present an unseen application of the spinning wing concept that proved to be a revolution in duck hunting and offers a concept that more nearly mimics real ducks. They are a patent pending "series" of half dozen small spinning wings, with specially designed timers that produc..
Mojo HW2462 Critter 2 Decoy
The Critter 2 has been improved to be more durable and use friendly. Same great action, but in a more durable body with built-in tripod, drop-in batter holder, clips to hold both legs and topper when not in use. Includes MOJO''s standard peg for other mounting options. Operates for days on 4-AA ba..
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Mojo HW4401 Baby Mojo Mallard Decoy
The Baby Mojo is approximately 78 percent size to scale of the Mojo mallard and comes with a 6-volt rechargeable battery, charger, and everything you need to hunt. It has an external charging port allowing the hunter the option of charging the battery without disassembling the decoy. In addition, i..
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Mojo HW4501 Baby Mojo Mallard Decoy
The Baby MOJO Hen is approximately 78 percent size to scale of the MOJO Mallard and comes with a 6-volt rechargeable battery, charger, and everything you need to hunt. It has an external charging port allowing the hunter the option of charging the battery without disassembling the decoy. In addition..
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Mojo HW5111 Super Mallard Decoy
The Super Mojo Mallard has all the great top quality features that serious hunters demand make it impossible to resist to passing waterfowl and even more convenient for the hunter. The Super Mojo Mallard features an all-aluminum construction folding wing in an offset posture. While spinning, the off..
Mojo HW5121 Decoy Predator
The Mojo Critter predator decoy is light-weight, portable, simple and affordable. It has highly visible and tantalizing action using realistic prey-type fur that immediately attracts and holds predators'' attention. Intermittent, cyclic action for added realism. It calls ''em in and diverts their at..
Mojo HW7101 Floater Decoy Mallard
The floater Mojo will move around with lifelike action by the slightest breeze and will always turn into the wind. Operates over 18 hours from a single 6-volt rechargeable battery and charger (included). The battery is mounted in a metal battery clip inside the decoy body. It comes equipped with ext..
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Mojo HW7201 Wind Dove Decoy w/Support Pole
Wind-driven spinning wing decoys are especially popular in areas where motorized decoys are not allowed. The Wind Dove by Mojo spins with the slightest wind and utilizes the popular patented breast peg. This decoy is realistic and effective, boasts Mojo dependability, and comes with a support pole.T..
Mojo HW8101 Teal Decoy w/Support Pole
The Mojo Teal comes with a 3 piece support pole and features the famous Mojo Direct Drive System that can run for up to 16 hours on 4 AA batteries (batteries not included).Type:  DecoySpecies:  TealMotor:  Variable SpeedsQuantity:  1Color:  Multi-ColorMaterial:  SyntheticBattery:  AA (4)Audible or M..
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Mojo HW8102 DOVE Decoy Stake
The all Mojo live action kit is the ultimate accessory to make your Mojo come alive. Dual pivoting action is obtained through a ball bearing mechanism that allow your decoy to rotate as well as move around the pole. Works with most Mojo products that feature a patented built in peg.Type:  Decoy Stak..
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