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3M Peltor 90581 Classic Earplugs Yellow
Designed to fit most sizes of ear canals. Soft, energy absorbing foam is easy to insert and forms a comfortable seal against noise. Non irritating and washable. 200 pairs.Type:  EarplugsColor:  YellowNRR:  29 dBQuantity:  200 Pair..
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3M Peltor 97006 Bullseye Hearing Protection NRR 27 Muffs Black
Protect your hearing without hurting your wallet. Peltor''s Bull''s Eye 7 is a lightweight earmuff that offers a high noise reduction. The Bullseye 7 features liquid foam ear cups for ultimate comfort and all day wear. Fully adjustable headband provides the perfect fit. Whether you''re shooting or h..
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3M Peltor 97007 Bullseye Hearing Protection NRR 25 Muffs Black/Blue
The Peltor Bull''s Eye features foam cushions and a low profile dome for a tight fit around the ears that will keep out unwanted noise. With an NRR of 25dB, these earmuffs can be used for a number of applications such as construction, airports, car repair, shooting galleries, and more.Type:  Earmuff..
3M Peltor 97008 Shotgunner Hearing Protector Earmuff 19 dB Black
Type:  EarmuffColor:  BlackNRR:  19 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  Behind The Head..
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3M Peltor 97010 Ultimate 10 Earmuff Hearing Protection 30dB Black/Blue
Peltor Ultimate 10 Earmuffs are specifically designed to protect your hearing from even the largest magnums and caliber rounds. The Ultimate 10 Earmuff is among Peltor''s highest level of hearing protectors with an outstandnig NRR of 30dB. It features a patented twin cup design that minimizes resona..
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3M Peltor 97011 Shotgunner Hearing Protector Earmuff 21 dB Black
3M Peltor''s Bullseye Shotgunner is designed and developed especially for the trap and skeet shooter. A stowaway folding hearing protector with an ultra low tapered section of the ear cup bottom, which eliminates interference with the gun stock. Patented leak proof liquid/foam wide ear cushions for ..
3M Peltor 97012 Shotgunner Hearing Protector Earmuff 21 dB Green
Designed and developed especially for the trap and skeet shooter. A stowaway hearing protector with an ultra-low tapered section of the ear cup bottom which eliminates interference with the gun stock. Excellent attenuation with adjustable stainless spring steel headband for optimum fit.The ShotGunne..
3M Peltor 97013 Bullseye Hearing Protection NRR 21 Muffs Red/Black
Type:  EarmuffColor:  Red/BlackNRR:  21 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  Adjustable..
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3M Peltor 97022 Junior Hearing Protection Earmuff 22 dB Pink
Type:  EarmuffColor:  PinkNRR:  22 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  Over the Head..
3M Peltor 97023 3M Junior Earmuff  22 dB Blue Adj Headband Foam Ear Cushions
3M Peltor Junior Earmuff Blue earmuffs feature a noise reduction rating of 22dB, allowing range commands to be heard for added safety.The cushions are textured to prevent discomfort in warmer environments. Also featuring liquid foam ear cushion and adjustable stainless steel headband for a customize..
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3M Peltor 97025 Folding Earmuff Earmuff 22 dB Blue Adj Liquid Foam Cushions
The 3M Peltor Folding Hearing protector provides comfort as well as excellent hearing protection. These protectors are lightweight, fully adjustable, and fold easily for storage. They also have NRR protection to 23db. The protector comes in blue.Type:  EarmuffColor:  BlueNRR:  22 dBQuantity:  1 Pai..
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3M Peltor 97043 Tactical 6S Behind the Head Electronic Muffs 19 dB Black/Gray
Peltor Tactical 6S Behind the Head Hearing Protector has a NRR of 19dB with an adjustable backband for caps & hats. Electronics limit amplified sounds to 82dB. Distortion-free amplification of low-level sounds up to 19dB. Stereo microphones. Independent volume control on each cup.Type:  Electronic..
3M Peltor 97044 Tactical Electronic Hearing Protection Muffs Black/Gray
Used by police departments, SWAT teams, and investigation units allowing you to hear conversations and sounds from a distance safe and out of sight. All circuitry conveniently built into ear cups eliminating additional belt packs. Specially designed circuitry electronically suppresses noise levels o..
3M Peltor 97065 Banded Earplugs 28 dB Orange 1 Pair
Peltor 97065 Banded Shooting E-A-R Plugs protect to 28dB. These plugs provide ear muff quality protection in a disposable unit. These ear plugs are an economical alternative to earmuffs. Lightweight design has multiple wearing positions for maximum comfort. Soft foam pods are washable.Type:  Earplug..
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3M Peltor 97069 Bullseye Hearing Protection NRR 24 Muffs Black
The ultimate stowaway hearing protector for todays sporting industry. Computer designed for lightweight comfort, portability, and noise attenuation. Patented leak proof liquid/foam ear cushions. Noise reduction rate 24 db.Type:  EarmuffColor:  BlackNRR:  24 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  Adjustable..
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3M Peltor 97070 Junior Hearing Protection Earmuff  22 dB Black
Designed specifically for youth and smaller adults, these muffs have patented liquid foam-filled ear cushions that allow range commands to be heard. They have a stylish, lightweight design with and an NRR of 22.Type:  EarmuffColor:  BlackNRR:  22 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  Over the Head..
3M Peltor 97079 Indoor/Outdoor Earplugs Black/Yellow
This patented technology provides two types of protection. Insert the black end for a constant NRR of 22dB. This is especially suited to all high level noise and reverberation such as in an indoor range. With the yellow end inserted, the patented filter takes over to provide variable level protectio..
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3M Peltor 97080 Blasts Disposable Earplugs 33 dB Yellow 3 Pair
These Blasts earplugs feature an ultra-soft foam material that provides a great seal for maximum comfort and include a cord to make it esy to take them out between firing. These earplugs feature protection up to 33dB.Type:  EarplugsColor:  YellowNRR:  33 dBQuantity:  3 PairStyle:  Inside The EarAFT ..
3M Peltor 97081 Blasts Disposable Earplugs 32 dB Yellow 2 Pair
Peltor Blasts Corded E-A-R Plugs with cord and case comes with 2 pairs of earplugs constructed of of ultra-soft, energy-absorbing foam that are easy to insert and remove.Type:  EarplugsColor:  YellowNRR:  32 dBQuantity:  2 PairStyle:  Inside The EarMaterial:  Foam..
3M Peltor 97082 Blasts Disposable Earplugs 32 dB Yellow 80 Pair
Designed to fit most ear canal sizes, these plugs feature comfortable ultra-soft self adjusting and a bullet shape design for added comfort. They come 80 pair to a box, and are not individually wrapped packages.Type:  EarplugsColor:  YellowNRR:  32 dBQuantity:  80 PairStyle:  Inside The Ear..
3M Peltor 97088 Tactical Earmuff Black/Gray
The 3M PTL headset enables you to turn electronics on and off with a touch of a button located on the side of the earcup. It has a NRR of 25dB along with push-to-listen ambient listening electronic technology. The auto shut-off is a power saver which kicks in up 2 hours if the PTL button is not pres..
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3M Peltor 97317 Tri-Flange Reusable Earplugs 26 dB Yellow 3pk
Tri-Flange corded reusable earplugs features a proven, triple-flange design and pliable, premolded material to provide clean and comfortable hearing protection. Fits flexibly in most earcanals. This a three-pair pack with a storage case for easy reusability.Type:  EarplugsColor:  YellowNRR:  26 dBQu..
3M Peltor 97451 Tactical Sport Hearing Protector Electronic Muffs 20 dB Black
The Tactical Sport electronic headset helps offer the best of both worlds to shooters: reliable hearing protection from dangerous impulse noise such as gunfire, along with distortion-free amplification of low-level, ambient sounds. It has an audio input for connection to external components, such as..
Beretta CF1000020560 Hearing Protection Standard Earmuff 25 dB Blue
Type:  EarmuffColor:  BlueNRR:  25 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  Adjustable..
Beretta CF1000020701 Hearing Protection Standard Earmuff 25 dB Green
Beretta''s standard earmuff is perfect for the shooting range. Its lowprofile, compact design offers great value and protection of db-25.Type:  EarmuffColor:  GreenNRR:  25 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  Adjustable..
Beretta CF1000020999 Hearing Protection Standard Earmuff 25 dB Black
Type:  EarmuffColor:  BlackNRR:  25 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  Adjustable..
Beretta CF2100020560 Hearing Protection Electronic Earmuff AFT 26 dB Blue
Type:  ElectronicColor:  BlueNRR:  26 dBQuantity:  1 PairStyle:  AdjustableAFT Circuit:  YesBattery:  Extended Life IncludedCompression Circuit:  Yes..
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Beretta CF2100020999 Hearing Protection Electronic Earmuff AFT 26 dB Black
Beretta Electronic Hearing Protection is a lightweight muff at 10 oz and offers adjustable frequency tuning for optimum sound clarity and quality. You can tune them to match your own specific hearing needs. The headband is completely adjustable and collapsible, too. The low profile cup is specifical..
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Cald 487-200 E-Max Hearing Pro M-Oak Elec. Muff 23 dB Camo 2AAA
The low-profile E-Max hearing protection combines great circuitry with a low profile earcup that''s ideal for shotgun shooters and action shooters. The two microphones in the E-Max amplify sounds below 85 decibels, which amplifies normal communication, range commands, and environmental sounds. Above..
Caldwell 487-557 Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection Muffs Black/Green
The Caldwell sound right ES-85 stereo electronic earmuffs muff out the noise of gunshots while listening to normal conversation and range commands. Capable of blocking out noises above 85 db while amplifying normal sounds and voices.Type:  ElectronicColor:  Black/GreenNRR:  23 dBQuantity:  1 PairSty..
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