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Frankford Arsenal 393939 Frank Reloading Tray 1 Universal 50 Round Capacity
The universal reloading tray is highly versatile. It can be used with a wide variety of rifle cartridges from .17 caliber up to .458 caliber. Also works well for handgun cartridges 9mm to 500 S&W. 50 round capacity. Conveniently holds brass during different stages of reloading process.Type:  Reloadi..
Frankford Arsenal 672060 Economy Electric Digital Caliper 1 Multi-Caliber 8
Reloading ammunition requires attention to many critical cartridge dimensions, including case length, neck and base diameters, overall length, primer pocket depth, etc. Verifying these dimensions is quick and convenient with the Frankford Arsenal calipers. They are accurate to within .001". The cali..
Frankford Arsenal 836017 Frank Bullet Puller 1 Fits Most Centerfire Calibers Cen
The Frankford Arsenal Impact Bullet Puller is a simple way to remove bullets from cartridges. Perfect for disassembling improperly loaded ammunition or reclaiming brass and bullets from military surplus or other unknown ammunition. Just drop in the loaded round and tap the bullet puller against a pi..
Frankford Arsenal 855020 Quick N Easy Tumbler Kit 1 Universal 10.5
The Frankford Quick-N-EZ Tumbler provide a quick, easy and economical means to clean your brass. This tumbler removes fouling, lube, and oxidation quickly and conveniently.Type:  Tumbler KitCaliber:  UniversalSize:  10.5" x 7" x 10.5"Quantity:  1Function:  Clean CasesCompatible With:  All Cases..
Frankford Arsenal 909191 Stainless Steel Pins Tumbling Media Universal 5 lbs
The Stainless Steel Media Pins are ideal for rotary tumbling brass. When combined with a liquid bath they deliver unmatched cleaning performance. Constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel, the media pins effectively penetrate inside of cases and into primer pockets. Five pounds.Type:  Tumbling..
Frankford Arsenal 909271 Stainless Steel Media Separator 1 Multi-Caliber 4.75
The Transfer Magnet is ideal for handling stainless media pins. It effectively gathers and then releases 304 stainless media pins with a pull of the handle.Type:  Media SeparatorCaliber:  Multi-CaliberSize:  4.75" x 9" x 4.5"Quantity:  1Function:  Separate Cases from PinsCompatible With:  304 Stainl..
Frankford Arsenal 909544 Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler 1 223 Remington 14.75
The Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler delivers a new level of brass cleaning performance. Its rotary tumbling with stainless steel media in a liquid bath gets brass much cleaner, and works much faster than ultrasonic or vibratory tumbling methods. The small stainless pins easily penetrate inside cases ..
HKS GL942 Magazine Speedloader For Glock Plus 2 17/22 only Plastic Blk
Faster and easier than ever before, this magazine speedloader quickly loads Glock +2 magazines for models 17 and 22. Slip the magazine into the handheld loader, depress the thumb lever and fill to capacity. This speedloader fits only Glock 17 or Glock 22 +2 magazines.Caliber:  9mm LugerCapacity:  Ad..
Hornady 041223 Lock-N-Load Neck Wall Thickness Gauge .0005 Increment Dial
This accessory to the Concentricity Tool offers the next step in ultra-precision reloading. Its .0005 increment dial indicator helps identify neck thickness variations so you can sort and measure case necks or verify your neck turning operation- ultimately enhancing accuracy. (Concentricity Tool not..
Hornady 043310 Lock N Load Case Sonic Cleaner 9L 110v
The Hornady Hot Tub takes sonic cleaning to a whole new level. Featuring a 9 liter capacity, the Hot Tub is long enough to accommodate and clean a 16" AR-15 upper. In addition to having 4 transducers, there is also a heating element that enhances cleaning action, especially useful when cleaning gun ..
Hornady 043355 Lock-N-Load Sonic Brass Cleaning Solution 64 Washes Universal
Uniquely formulated to clean brass cases. Quickly removes tarnish, oxidation, and carbon build up. Designed specifically for the Hornady Sonic Cleaner. Provides up to 64 washes in the Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner.Type:  Cleaning MediaCaliber:  UniversalSize:  QuartQuantity:  64 WashesCompatible..
Hornady 044000 Sure-Loc Lock Ring Each Adjustable 7/8
Sure-Lock rings lets you make precise adjustments of all standard 7/8"-14 dies and accessories. Lock Ring clamps around the whole die and can''t damage the threads.Type:  Lock RingCaliber:  AdjustableSize:  7/8"x14 Threaded DiesQuantity:  1..
Hornady 044093 Lock-N-Load Die Bushings 3 Pack Universal 7/8
Maximize your reloading time with the Lock-N-Load quick change bushing system. The Lock-N-Load reloading system is a patented quick change bushing system that lets you change dies with a simple flick of the wrist. With Lock-N-Load technology in your reloading press, you can stop loading, change dies..
Hornady 044094 Lock N Load Die Bushings 2 Pack N/A
Lock-N-Load bushings are the easiest way to get the most out of your reloading press. Hornady''s Lock-N-Load quick change bushing system is strong and simple to use. The Lock-N-Load concept is based on the positive locking action of the bolt action rifle. Once dies are adjusted for loading, these se..
Hornady 044096 Lock-N-Load Die Bushings 10 Pack Universal 7/8
Maximize your reloading time with the Lock-N-Load quick change bushing system. The Lock-N-Load reloading system is a patented quick change bushing system that lets you change dies with a simple flick of the wrist. With Lock-N-Load technology in your reloading press, you can stop loading, change dies..
Hornady 044650 Lock-N-Load Deluxe Control Panel  .380 - .45
The Deluxe Control Panel includes digital readout panel, wire harness, cycle counter, primer slide sensor, Powder Safeguard Die, powder level sensor and primer level sensor. Take full control of your progressive reloading press with the Lock-N-Load Deluxe Control Panel. The easy-to-read digital disp..
Hornady 044651 Lock-N-Load Basic Standard Control Panel .380 - .45
The Standard Control Panel includes digital readout panel, wire harness, cycle counter and primer slide sensor.The easy-to-read digital display allows you to set audible and visual alarms for the primer slide check and the LED panel displays the number of press strokes. Other sensors are available s..
Hornady 044653 Lock-N-Load Powder Level Sensor for Control Panel
The Powder Level Sensor works in conjunction with the Lock-N-Load Control Panel and is easily adjustable to signal an alarm when the powder hopper reaches the preferred depth for a reminder.Type:  Powder Level SensorQuantity:  1Function:  Sense Powder LevelCompatible With:  Lock-N-Load Control Panel..
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Hornady 044654 Lock-N-Load Control Panel Primer Level Sensor
The Primer Level Sensor works in conjunction with the Lock-N-Load Control Panel and is easily adjustable to signal an alarm when the primer tube level reaches the preferred depth for a reminder.Type:  Primer Level SensorQuantity:  1Function:  Check Primer LevelCompatible With:  Lock-N-Load Control P..
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Hornady 050012 Lock N Load Case Prep Center 1 Universal Pistol/Rifle
Combining essential case prep tools into one handy unit saves reloader real estate on their bench and valuable time in the reloading process. The Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center includes a power trimmer, chamfer/deburr tools, primer pocket cleaner and five neck brushes. Micro adjustable to 1/1000". Tri..
Hornady 050021 Handheld Priming Tool 1 Universal
This portable tool primes new or cleaned cases no need to use your press. Very useful for priming large quantities of cases before processing through a loader. The pliers-style design gives you more leverage, less fatigue and a better feel than thumb-operated styles. Holds both small and large pri..
Hornady 050027 Rotary Media Rotary Sifter Universal All Calibers
Quickly separate brass cartridge cases from tumbling media with the Rotary Media Sifter. With a few turns of the handle, media falls to the bottom of the sifter, leaving cases clean and ready to use. It features a corn cob or still pin tumbling media, the drum lock into place for easy loading, and t..
Hornady 050033 Stuck Case Remover 1 Set Universal
Hornady''s Stuk Case Remover''s ingenious design allows you to easily remove stuck cases from dies by drilling and tapping the stuck case, then, using the stuck case remover tool and allen wrench to easily unstick the case. It consists of #7 drill and 1/4 inch-20 tap.Type:  Stuck Case RemoverCalibe..
Hornady 050068 Lock-N-Load Powder Measure Dispenser 1 Universal 0-1000 Grain
Speed and efficiency save time and money. With the introduction of the Hornady Lock N Load auto charge powder dispenser, they have combined both in one extremely accurate system. This unit is quick to set up, easy to use and exceptionally precise to within 0.1 grains, and has a scale capacity of 100..
Hornady 050069 Lock N Load Powder Measure
Hornady''s Lock-N-Load powder measure offers the most flexible operation and the widest range of any powder measure. It ranges from .5 - 265 grains of powder (special metering inserts and rotor required). Metering inserts can be changed with the push of a button, and this powder measure comes with s..
Hornady 050075 Dial Caliper Steel
Precisely measure case and bullet length, inside and outside diameters, primer pocket depth, overall cartridge length, and more with Hornady''s Dial Caliper. A protective case is included.Type:  CaliperCaliber:  UniversalQuantity:  1Function:  MeasureMaterial:  SteelFinish:  SilverMicrometer Type:  ..
Hornady 050076 Lock N Load Concentricity Gauge 1 Universal N/A
The Ammunition Concentricity Tool is the first tool on the market to both identify and eliminate bullet run out. Just place ammunition in the tool, roll it, identify run out, and use the dial indicator to adjust run out to zero. Can also be used to true-up factory ammunition.Type:  Concentricity Gau..
Hornady 050080 Digital Caliper Electric Digital Caliper 1 All N/A
Precisely measure case and bullet length, inside and outside diameters, primer pocket depth, overall cartridge length and more with Hornady''s digital caliper.Type:  Electric Digital CaliperCaliber:  AllQuantity:  1..
Hornady 050090 Kinetic Bullet Puller Each up to 45 Centerfire
Removes bullets from cartridges without any damage. The hollow head captures the bullet and powder for reuse and can be used on any rifle and pistol cartridges up to 45 caliber.Type:  Bullet PullerCaliber:  Up to 45Size:  CenterfireQuantity:  1Weight:  Lightweight..
Hornady 050091 Lock-N-Load Impact Bullet Puller
The Impact Bullet Puller remove bullets from cartridges without damaging the bullets. The hollow head of bullet puller captures bullet and powder for reuse. Three collet sizes allow for use with cartridges from .22 up to .45 caliber.Type:  Bullet PullerQuantity:  1Function:  Pull Bullets..
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